Delinquent Taxes

Every November, the county sends out tax bills to all property owners. The taxes involved are collected to maintain the county government, provide community services, fund education and many other programs.

The Sheriff is responsible for the collection of these bills until April 15th of the following year. At that time, any bill that has not been collected becomes known as “delinquent” and is presented to the County Clerk for further collection. Before the end of August, each year, the County Clerk must conduct what is known as a tax sale in an effort to collect the remaining delinquencies. Notice is given through the local newspaper and on the County Clerk’s website to the delinquent parties.

In order to collect on these taxes, third-party purchasers, registered with the KY Revenue Cabinet, are welcomed to take part in the tax sale and relieve the burden the delinquencies have placed on the county. Subsequently, the third-party purchasers place liens against the property owners until the outstanding bills have been paid in full. These liens are recorded in the land records.

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